The start of another blog...

After a few failed attempts at keeping track of my photography projects, experiments and travels, I introduce to you Gee Whizz! – a blog to document all of the shenanigans that me and my camera will get into.  This first post will mark the start of my journey in preparing for my very first commissioned wedding shoot. Most of my previous experience involves landscape shots and as many of you may know, trees and mountains don’t pose or talk back to you! Not only will I working on my technical skills, I will also be working on my ability to direct a shoot. I take a very photo-journalistic approach to my street and event photos, but when it comes to weddings, posing is inevitable. So topic #1… accessories. Taking pictures of tiny details from the day (such as the bride and groom’s attire and decor from the wedding reception) is a great way to enhance the “story-telling” ability of your body of portraits. They also add a little pizzazz when compiling a wedding photo book! So today I tried out a few shots with a couple of tried-and-true accessories – high-heeled shoes and an engagement ring. Getting proper lighting has always been a struggle for me, so I coupled this exercise with a little practice using fill-lighting to balance a back-lit object. To demonstrate what fill-lighting will do to a picture, I have attached two pictures below. The first used only natural light and the second used a fill-flash with diffuser.

A fill-flash ensures both your background and subject are properly lit. Natural back-lit lighting is great to set a sombre mood, but not quite appropriate when trying to showcase an item.

Overall, I had a little trouble with light metering (ended up using a spot-metering approach) and finding the proper balance between depth of field and proper shutter speed. I fiddled with a few different aperture settings and ended up settling on F/2.8 at 1/200 using a 50mm prime. Fill light was provided by an external flash bounced off the ceiling using a clear diffuser.

Below is the finished product:

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a little experimenting. I’d have to say I had a little fun with flash! Next post on the agenda will be portraits. I will be employing my very dear fiancé and a few friends to pose for me. Should be a good time!