Ottawa Wedding Photographer :: Photo Album Designs

This year, I've been working to find an elegant photo album option for my clients. A photo book that would provide a beautiful layout to tell their wedding story.  It's been an interesting process checking out the different options available; from sizes, front cover options, materials and overall presentation. I'm finally happy to announce the addition of a number of simple and polished printed works that I'm sure our clients will love. 

One of my favourites is the modern 9.25" square moleskine hardcover photo album, which comes in a sleek linen hard-covered presentation box. This photo album is made by the creators of the popular moleskine notebook and their photo albums include the same touches, from the band closure and ribbon place holder to the internal pocket within the back cover. 

Little added touches like the presentation boxes' silk pull tab ribbon and hand-sewn binding showcase the attention to detail in each album made. 

Images are combined  in our beautifully designed layouts and printed on classic-ivory paper.  We love telling stories through our images and have a great time reviewing and carefully choosing the right pictures to include in our photo books.

The books also have open-flat binding, which removes gutters, ensures that photos are not cut-off and creates a nice, streamlined look.

Each full-day wedding package includes a 60-page photo album and alongside the square moleskine photo book option, we will also be offering square 10x10 or 12x12 and landscape 11x13 linen hard-cover options as well. I'm extremely delighted to be able to bring a personal touch to our clients' photo albums and I am truly excited and looking forward to creating these books!